A New Generation of Florists: Involving Youth in Nature and Gardening

Floristry and gardening are distinct but related fields. A skillful florist is well versed in the fundamentals of horticulture and gardening. Likewise, a well-rounded gardener can transfer the beauty of the garden into vases in the home. Increasingly, younger gardeners and florists are discovering the techniques and skills involved in growing and arranging plants.

In most cases, learning to garden is built on years of "trial and error". However, many online resources exist to assist the young or novice gardener. Many resources are affiliated with local Master Gardener chapters. Horticultural extension services are another great resource when seeking locally informed gardening tips.

In addition to all of the gardening resources available online, many websites offer tips on floristry. From formal instruction to inspiring literary art, the aspiring florist can find widely ranging information. Information ranges from simple tips for beginners to advanced principles of floral arranging. The latter, while informative for anyone, is especially designed for those entering the field professionally.

Younger flower enthusiasts are increasingly picking up gardening trowels and bud vases to learn about growing and arranging. Each stage of growing cut flowers offers challenges and rewarding payoffs. Regardless of geographical location, options abound to grow your own bouquets. Whether growing flowers from perennials or annuals, flowering shrubs or bulbs, explore the many online resources to learn more.